Polymers is often used in wastewater treatment processes, where the solutions act as flocculants and coagulants to help separate impurities from waste water. Flocculating, or coagulating, are similar processes that treat wastewater by helping bring together dissolved and suspended solids and other impurities in water to form larger aggregates for easy separation. After the aggregates form, they will settle to the bottom for easy removal by either scraping the formed scum or utilizing an inline filter. Typical wastewater applications deal with thousands and thousands of gallons of water a day, and as a result need hundreds and hundreds of gallons of polymers dosed into the system. Chemical metering pumps are often the best design to handle this application. Specifically with polymers, a chemical dosing pump capable of handling more viscous liquids is crucial for the application; thicker chemical liquids can hinder a pump’s rated maximum capacity, hence higher rate is required.

Seko AKL800 Metering Pump

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