IM LASER Medical Device – A smart 3-in-1 Integration of advance 650nm COLD Laser with ancient Chinese Acupuncture & Magnetic Therapy; The Ultimate Health & Life Preservation Device. Healing your body’s 37 trillion cells with more oxygen and vastly fewer toxins.

  • Introduction
    The equipment uses 650nm wavelength laser to irradiate the radial artery, Neiguan acupoint and nasal cavity; powerful magnet is used for radial artery and Neiguan acupoint and it is distributed on both sides of the laser device. It has been proved that by combining 650nm-wave-length laser with the powerful magnet, the equipment has good therapeutic effect on cerebrovascular disease, cardiovascular disease, and rhinitis. The equipment is non-invasive, safe and easy to operate
  • Intended Use
    The equipment can be used to promote blood circulation, reduce blood viscosity, increase oxygen carrying capacity of red blood cell, and improve lipid metabolism disorder by reducing the high cholesterol , triglyceride and low-density lipoprotein and adjust the immunity bidirectionally
  • Contradictions
    Pregnant women, newly surgical operated, people with cancer & pacemaker patient need to consult the doctor before using this equipment
  • Why IM Laser Medical Device?
    • Live younger, longer & free from sickness for if using regularly.
    • Higher energy, improves blood flow rate, cleanses the blood, raises the absorption rate of nutrients
    • Restore Cell Functions, Lower Blood Viscosity & Enhance Blood Circulation
    • Helps & Improve Over 80 Types of Health Issues
    • Safe to Use, Fast Results, Convenient and Effective
    • Reduces Pain & Inflammation
    • Improve Blood Sugar, Blood Pressure & Cholesterol Levels
    • Restores Youthfulness & Beauty
    • Enhances Immune System
    • Improves Sleeping Disorder
    • Improve Cardiac Condition
    • Improve Anxiety and or Depression
    • Help Those Who Lack Physical Exercise
  • How to use?
    • Recommend to use IM Laser twice daily; Morning 40min and Evening 40min
    • Wearing Device on the left wrist and Nasal Cavity Line (with the silicone cover put on) inserted into nose swapped half timely
    • Refer to the instruction manual or How to Use video for optimum applications
  • Warranty: One (1) Year Manufacturing Defects