CMC Plant Stem Cell Perfect Anti-Wrinkle Essence



  • Brand: Vantros
  • Cambial Meristematic Cell (CMC) Plant Stem Cell Perfect Anti-Wrinkle Essence with amazing Wild Ginseng Stem Cell Extract
  • Contains the world’s first wild ginseng stem cell extract which gives vitality and elasticity to the skin
  • It is an anti-wrinkle functional cosmetic product with the form of light gel-type that absorbs quickly into the skin and easy to use
  • It is a must-have that makes your skin young, healthy and beautiful
  • Minimized irritation by using natural preservatives: Due to minimized irritation to the skin, it can be used by men and women at all ages
  • Whats in the Box: 1 x CMC Plant Stem Cell Serum 30ml/Bottle