Plantel CV8 Korean Ginseng+SeaBuckthon+Aronia+Promegranate Super Phytochemicals Booster



Cell Vitality Infinity CV8 is a super phytochemical booster mix beverage of Certified 70 Years-Old Wild Korean Ginseng (King of Herbs), Sea Buckthorn (King of Desert), Aronia (King of Berries) & Promeganate (King of Fruits). High content of valuable and rare Ginsenoside such as Rg3, Rh2, PPD. Made with Cambial Meristematic Cells (CMC) Plantel Technology by CVMGR (Cell Vitality & Molecular Genetics Research Institute) in Korea. Numerous healing benefits of CV8:-

  • Restore Beauty & Youthfulness
  • Better Blood Circulation
  • Anti-Aging Properties
  • Improves Heart Functions
  • Better Digestive Functions
  • Better Liver Functions
  • Improves Brain Functions
  • Boosts Immune System
  • Minimises Fatigue
  • Country of Origin: Korea

Certified United States Patent No.:-US 9,314,492 B2/ US 9,095,532 B2/ US 9,415,081 B2/ US 8,617,621 B2

Introduction of CV8

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International Patent Certificate

What’s in the Box: 1Box Plantel CV8 60ml x 15 sachet

Warranty Aspects: Not Applicable

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