Plantel GSB Mask Wild Ginseng StemCell Bionic Facial Rejuvenation



Made from carefully-selected, imported wild ginseng stem cell extracts in combination with concentrated, top-grade hyaluronic acid to enhance long term hydration, moisturization, increased skin resistance to oxidation and as well as skin cell repairs. Six Major Functions: Moisturizing/ Anti-Aging/ Firming/ Repairing/ Whitening/ Nourishing. CMC Beauty Plant StemCell for the skin offers these remarkable benefits:- Reduces inflammation/ Return the tissue to homeostasis/ Restores normal function of the skin/ Increases collagen production which helps increase skin elasticity/ Returns vibrancy to the skin/ Improves water retention deep in the skin tissue/ Increase absorption rate of the product by 106%/ Increase moisturizing effect by 35%/ Suppresses the enzyme that breakdown collagen damaged from UV rays/ Minimizes free radical damage & reactive oxygen species from UV rays.

Discover the GSB Mask – the clinical strength of korean beauty for: Moisturizing, Anti-Aging, Firming, Repairing, Whitening and Nourishing. ZERO Burden On The Skin: NO hormone, NO fluorescent agent, NO artificial coloring, NO mineral oil, NO whitening agent, NO chemical source, NO carcinogen, NO animal oil. Remarkable results from the consistent use of this product include more delicate, firmer, smoother and fairer complexion. Incorporating the latest cutting-edge skin care technology, the mask is infused with an innovative bionic cream membrane which functions to lock up the revitalizing and moisturizing components and release them into the skin through a breakthrough slow-released mechanism, thus multiplying its deep moisturizing effects and optimizing at the same time.

    Directions of Use:- One sheet of the GSB Mask has 2 layers, put the smooth nano fibre on your skin, then remove the mesh. Smoothen the fibre by sliding your finger to the sides. After 15 minutes, take all the extras (Collagen and hyaluronic inside the pack) and put it on the mask for double treatment. Another 15 minutes later, remove the mask rinse your face and dab with a clean cloth.

    Warranty Aspects: Not Applicable

    What’s in the Box:- 1 x Vantros GSB Mask Ginseng StemCell Bionic 1Pack x 5 Sheets

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