P-eSaR Nano Booster Vinegar Drink with 3 Plant Extracts



Vantros Purita is made with 18 kinds of natural herbs using 17 proprietory processes. The formula combines a 100-year-old traditional FERMENTATION method with modern extraction technology to ensure maximum bio-availability and effectiveness.

The Wonder-Working Nano Booster for Super Quick Body Revitalization & Recharge

An enhanced liquid colloidal blend of trace minerals, amino acids, enzymes, grape skin extract, pine bark extract and Swiss apple stem cell extract

The 1st mineral concentrate in the market enhanced with all natural functional ingredients to super-charge performance

Natural colloidal blend concentrate using Nano-technology ; Natural ingredients fully imported

Very high bio-availability (up to 150 times more absorption capability)

Recommended to drink 3 times per day with approximately 10 drops mixing into drinking water

A Complete Range of 78 Ionic Trace Minerals + A Full Range of 34 Enzymes + An Equally Smart Combination of 17 Types of Important Amino acid + Main Ingredients:
✙ Pine Bark Extract – Contains powerful anti-oxidant that effectively optimizes bio-availability of nutrients in the body at the cellular level
✙ Swiss Apple Stem Cell Extract – Provides a revolutionary anti-Aging factors as well as faster rejuvenation of human cells
✙ Resveratrol (Grape Skin Extract) – Performs important function of preventing damage from free radicals

Health Benefits:
Contains high Antioxidant properties and has been investigated for possible Anticarcinogenic effects. Anti-Septic
✙Anti-Septic – creates an oxygen-rich environment where harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites and other infectious agents cannot breed & multiply due to the rich Aerobic environment created.
✙Electrolyte – supplies the body with the full range of electrolytes needed to keep the vital systems like Brain nerves, muscles to function and coordinate at peak performance. Prevention of heatstroke & dehydration.
✙Oxygen – ensures complete replenishment of vital oxygen that the body needs in order to faciltthe fight against over-acidity, infection, brain function degeneration, premature aginge, chronic fatigue syndrome and etc.
✙Nutrients – supplies the body with nutrients for anti-Aging, anti-Inflammation and premature cell death.

Whats in the Box: 1Bottle x 30ml P-eSaR Nano Booster Vinegar Drink