Seko K50 pH/ORP Controller Meter Proportional Feedback Control



Seko K50 pH/ORP Controller Meter featured proportional control of 4-20mA & SSR frequency and relay outputs.

SEKO K50 Series Controller – an advance controllers designed for high-end applications featured an independent proportional control output, probe quality checking and variety of outputs and user full programming authority. Single-parameter water-treatment controller delivers high-precision measurement reading of pH/ORP (Redox) values with the versatile system equally suited to fish farming, flocculants dosing, reverse osmosis, wastewater treatment and many more applications

Using an intuitive menu, analogue and digital outputs are set by the operator via software while a wizard calibration system facilitates daily maintenance tasks. Complimented with SEKO’s renowned electrode quality control function which assists the operator in the management and replacement of measurement electrodes, while multi-lingual menus make the system accessible for all. Mostly suitable for the following applications: drinking water – irrigation systems – cooling towers – swimming pools – flocculent dosing systems – waste water – pure water – reverse osmosis

Model: Seko K050PRPM0800 pH/ORP Controller. Power Supply: 240Vac / Single Phase ┃ Measurement: pH 0-14pH (Default) or ORP ± 2000 mV (Setting) ┃Control: 2 x Relay Output – 250Vac and or 10A / 1x Current Output- 4-20mA / 1x SSR Output- Frequency Signal ┃Temperature: with PT100/PT1000 (0 – 100°C) ┃ Box: 96mm x 96mm x 42mm Panel Mounting c/w Snail Lock System; IP65 Frontal and IP40 Rear Box┃ Country of Origin: Italy Europe

What’s in the Box:

  • 1 x Seko K050PRPM0800 pH/ORP Controller
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Free 1ft Coaxial Cable c/w BNC Connector & Adapter (for extension/connection from Sensor to Controller)

Warranty Aspects– One (01) Year Manufacturing Defects Only

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