Seko K50 pH/ORP Controller Meter Proportional Feedback Control



Seko K50 pH/ORP Controller Meter featured proportional control of 4-20mA & SSR frequency and relay outputs.

Model: Seko K050PRPM0800 pH/ORP Controller designed for high-end process control applications.

Feature an independent proportional control output, probe quality checking and variety of outputs and with user full programming authority.

pH Measurement: 0-14pH (Default) or ORP Measurement: ± 2000 mV (Setting)

2 Relay Output: 250Vac and 10A

1 Current Output: 4-20mA

1 SSR Output: Frequency Signal

Power Supply: 100 -240Vac

Box: 96 x 96 x 42mm Panel Mounting c/w Snail Lock System

IP65 Frontal Box and IP40 Rear Box

This model K050PRPM0800 single-parameter water-treatment controller delivers high-precision measurement reading of pH/ORP (Redox) values with the versatile system

Using an intuitive menu, analogue and digital outputs are set by the operator via software while a wizard calibration system facilitates daily maintenance tasks

Complimented with SEKO’s renowned “electrode quality” control function which assists the operator in the management and replacement of measurement electrodes, while multi-lingual menus make the system accessible for all

K50 series is suitable for the following applications: drinking water – irrigation systems – cooling towers – swimming pools – flocculent dosing systems – waste water – pure water – reverse osmosis

Country of origin: Italy Europe

What’s in the Box:

  • 1 x Seko K050PRPM0800 pH/ORP Controller
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Free 1ft Coaxial Cable c/w BNC Connector & Adapter (for extension/connection from Sensor to Controller)

Warranty:- One (1) Year Manufacturing Defects

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