Seko Tekna TPG803 (20-54L/Hr@1-5Bar) Digital Metering Pump



Seko Tekna TPG Series can be set to either a constant flow dosing regime or one can selected the unit to perform proportional dosing. The control options are simple to program in via the digital input pad. The units can accept either a 4 – 20mA or a pulse signal from a water flow meter. Other features include a timer, statistics readout and password set to limit any changes being made once the dosing system is set up. It is also has the facility to connect a remote on/off function.

  • Model: Seko Tekna TPG803NHH0000 Digital Metering Pump
  • Capacity: Flow Rate 20-54L/Hr @ Backpressure 1-5Bar
  • Power Supply: 40W/ 240V/ Single Phase
  • Control: Analog 4-20mA Input/ Pulse Input Signal, i.e Manual Dosing, Dosage Proportional to Signal 0/4-20mA, Dosage Proportional to Signal 4-20/0mA, Proportional to External Impulses (Multiplication), Proportional to External Impulses (Division), Proportional to External Impulses (Batch Dosage), Proportional to External Impulses (PPM Dosage) and Timed Dosage
  • Material: PVDF Dosing Head, PTFE Diaphragm, Ceramic Valves & FPM Seals
  • Connection: 12mm x 8mm tubing
  • Country of Origin: Italy Europe
  • This pump model c/w FPM Seals mostly suitable for Acid Base Chemical such as Hydrochloride Acid, Sodium Hypochlorite, Sulphuric Acid, Flocculant, Coagulant, Polymer and Etc

What’s in the Box: 1 x Seko TPG803NHH0000 Metering Pump, 1 x Set of Installation Kit; i x User Manual

Warranty Aspects: Pump – One (01) Year or Diaphragm – Six (06) Months Manufacturing Defects Only