We have vast experience with process control & instrumental in water treatment, cooling tower, chemical dosing, wastewater treatment in laboratory, pharmaceutical, medical processes, pulp & paper mills and edible oil industries, biogas system solutions and IOT remote monitoring and or control in related industries.

Water Treatment Plant

Wastewater contains elements toxic to humans and the ecosystem. Thus, before reused and or discharging to environment, treatment facilities is required in help to purify the water and eliminate situations. Depend on the wastewater characterization in relation to regulatory requirements for discharge from the plant, but in general, a basic wastewater treatment system typically includes some type of:

  • Clarifier to settle suspended solids that are present as a result of treatment
  • Chemical Feed to help facilitate the precipitation, flocculation or coagulation of any metals and suspended solids
  • Filtration to remove all the leftover trace amounts of suspended solids removal required to pass local discharge regulations
  • Final pH adjustment and post treatment
  • Process Control for automated operation requirement

Project Services

Chemical Dosing Skid

Chlorine Dioxide Generator

Polymer Dilution System

Metering Pump System

Fertilizer Dosing System

Chemical Dosing IOT System

Gas Detecting System

Dewatering Pump System

Gear Motor Mixer Fabrication

Pump Refurbish Repairment

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