Controllers and Sensors
Ensuring that water quality is always at its best, balancing the variables that impact it, demands measuring and dosing systems with the highest accuracy. SEKO’s Controllers and Sensors are built with precision in mind and can function in both internal and external environments. Specifically conceived to fit a wide range of individual applications, they are available in different performance classes ensuring easy integration into every process environment.

Multi-parameter Photometric System
SEKO’s products offer very high precision and reproducible analysis results with minimum time and effort. SEKO’s multi-parameter control unit provides for real time determination of Free Chlorine (Photometric System), pH, Redox and Temperature. The system is equipped with a graphic display subdivided into areas for simultaneous display of all available measurements.

Metering and Control Systems

At the core of any operation where water quality is key, the ability to measure and control the quality quickly, accurately and with a reassurance constancy is paramount. SEKO’s measuring systems are built with precision in mind and that can function in both internal and external environments, specifically conceived to fit individual applications. Available in different performance classes they can be integrated into every process environment.

Greenergy City Services (002877667-T)

Process Control Measurement, Analysis & Instrumental, Water Wastewater Treatment and Related IoT Industrial and Agriculture Engineering. Also supply to general market Seko Chemical Dosing Metering Pump, IM Laser Medical Device, Hydrogen Water, Pentair F3000 Water Filter, IgG Colostrum, Plantel CV8 Rare Wild Ginseng, pH/ORP, Conductivity, DO Measurement Sensors