SEKO’s Spring Series of motor-driven pumps, the PS1 & PS2 plunger piston dosing pump offers a flexible solution for industries as varied as water and wastewater treatment, food and beverage and agriculture. Powered by an efficient three-phase motor, the PS1 has a flow-rate capacity of 1.5 to 304L/Hr, while PS2 of 40 to 1000L/Hr and can be configured with manual stroke length control.

Greenergy City Services (002877667-T)

Process Control Measurement, Analysis & Instrumental, Water Wastewater Treatment and Related IoT Industrial and Agriculture Engineering. Also supply to general market Seko Chemical Dosing Metering Pump, IM Laser Medical Device, Hydrogen Water, Pentair F3000 Water Filter, IgG Colostrum, Plantel CV8 Rare Wild Ginseng, pH/ORP, Conductivity, DO Measurement Sensors