Seko PS2 (1000L/Hr@5Bar) PVC Plunger Piston Metering Pump



SEKO’S PS2 Series is a plunger piston motor driven metering pump featuring a spring return mechanism in a single aluminium housing for chemical dosing applications, accurate metering even under fluctuating pressure conditions; Hence appropriate solution for almost any applications of chemical dosing. Flow rate manually adjustable from the Stroke Length Adjustment Knob; The variation from 100% to zero of the maximum flow rate is obtained by rotating the adjustment knob counter clockwise for four revolutions; each revolution corresponds to a variation of 1/10 of the maximum capacity; moreover the knob edge is subdivided in 10 parts each one corresponding to a variation of 1/100 of the maximum flow rate (see user manual). Notes: Pumps are generally supplied complete with the first oil filling; replace oil after 1500 operation hours and afterwards every 4000 hour (see user manual).

  • Model: Seko PS2E089C31E4060 PVC Plunger Piston Metering Pump
  • Material: PVC Pump Head, Ceramic Piston, FPM Piston Seal, Ceramic Valve & PTFE Valve Seats
  • Power Supply: 415Vac/ 3 Phase/ 0.75kW/ 50/60Hz
  • Capacity: Flow Rate 1000L/Hr @ Max. Pressure 5Bar
  • Control: Manual Stroke Length Control
  • Stroke Rate: 116 Strokes/min
  • Connection: 1.0″GF
  • Piston Diameter: 89mm
  • Pump Set C/W: 2 Bottle x Hydraulic Oil 250ml
  • Weight: Approx.28.0 kg
  • Dimension (LxWxH): 513mm x 398mm x 197mm
  • Country of Origin: Italy Europe

What’s in the Box: 1 x Seko PS2E089C31E4060 Plunger Piston Metering Pump; 2 x Hydraulic Oil 250ml/Bottle; 1 x User Manual

Warranty Aspects: Pump – One(01) Year Manufacturing Defects Only/ Piston Seals and or Ball Valves – Six(06) Months Manufacturing Defects Only; DOES NOT COVER: (a)Lightning and electrical panel trip consequence damages, (b)Defects due to mishandling, misuse of equipment by operator, (c)Wear & Tear

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