IM Laser Medical Device Cold Laser+Acupuncture+Magnetic Healthcare Therapy



IM Laser Medical Device – A smart 3-in-1 Integration of advanced Cold Laser 650nm with Ancient Acupuncture & Magnetic Therapy, the first and only one in the market, is a user friendly personal health device which uses clinically proven low power 5mW laser with a wavelength of 650nm as certified by FDA and conforms to CE standards under Class 3B medical device. Its combination of western medicine and the secret of health and longevity of the royal family in the east that has thousands of years old, using advanced semiconductor technology to harness low-frequency laser that can provide bio-stimulation at the cellular level to produce healthy and clean blood with no injections and can be done in your home; The Ultimate Health & Life Preservation Device to activate your body’s 70 trillion cells with more oxygen.

Working Principle of IM Laser Medical Device:- Photobiostimulation 650nm Cold Laser → Mitochondria → ATP → Enhance Energy For Survival of Body Cells. Click HERE to Learn More.

The equipment uses 650nm wavelength laser (stringent 10000 hrs tested for efficiency and consistency) to irradiate the Radial Artery, Neiguan Acupoint and Nasal Cavity; Combined with acupunture and magnetic therapies, this medical device provides good therapeutic effects on our body and it is Non-Invasive, No Electric Shock, No Pain, Safe & Easy To Operate.

IM Laser Medical Device is the Silver Medal(Health Category) winner in the 47th International Exhibitions of Inventions Geneva held in Switzerland in the year 2019, remarkable achievement as more than 800 companies and universities participated in this expo.

Why IM Laser Medical Device?

  • Live younger, longer & free from sickness
  • Higher energy, improves blood flow rate, cleanses the blood, raises the absorption rate of nutrients
  • Restore Cell Functions, Lowers Blood Viscosity & Enhances Blood Circulation
  • Safe to Use, Fast Results, Convenient and Effective
  • Reduces Pain & Inflammation
  • Improves Blood Sugar, Blood Pressure & Cholesterol Levels
  • Restores Youthfulness & Beauty
  • Enhances Immune System
  • Improves Sleeping Disorder
  • Improves Cardiac Condition
  • Improves Anxiety and or Depression
  • Helps Those Who Lack Physical Exercise
  • Helps & Improves Over 80 Types of Health Issues


Basic Principal Applications – recommend to use consistently IM Laser twice daily; Morning 40min and Evening 40min by wearing the same device on the left wrist and Nasal Cavity Line (with the silicone cover put on) inserted into nose swapped half timely, i.e (a)the working time set to 10min, after 5min there is a beep sound indicate to swap the nasal cavity laser head to another side of your nose/nostril for the next 5min, (b)say the working time set to 20min, after 10min there is a beep sound indicate to swap the nasal cavity laser head to another side of your nose/nostril for the next 10min, and so on for the working time of 30min & 40min. For Target therapy Applications, use the device without the nasal cavity line and face the laser beam direct on the area intended for treatment. The half working time beep sound can be ignored for targeting treatment. You may refer to the instruction manual for the setting of working mode, time and intensity of the IM Laser Medical Device or take a look the following How to Use Video for optimum applications.

Note:-Make sure to wearing the device on the left wrist with accurate position as shown and the nasal cavity line inserted to nostril throughout any basic therapy treatment. To wearing, leave one finger gap in between the device and your palm


Demonstration: How to incorporate/put-on IM Laser Medical Device Into IM Pro-Strap

Facial Therapy: Insert the Nasal Cavity Line Laser Head into the White Silicon Rubber provided on your face for any treatments for dark spot, wrinkles and etc.





Disclaimer: Testimonials featured above are examples of what we have received from other users, and what they have said about the product. However, we cannot guarantee the results will be the same in any case. Your results may vary and every situation is different. No compensation was provided for theses testimonials.

Important Notes:- (a)Pregnant women and people with cancer, pacemaker, internal bleeding & patients who have just undergone a major operation are advised NOT to use or to consult a doctor before using this medical device, (b)The silicone cover for the nasal cavity line can be re-used many times after cleaning/washing, until totally wear & tear. The silicone cover, come with the device 20pcs in a box, (c)Drink more water before and after each therapy-recommended 40min each therapy morning & evening, (d)For charging the device, ONLY use the original charger provided & NO overnight charging, (e)The device cold laser beam CANNOT used for eyes, (f)Usage of IM Laser & Vaccination – It would be best to rest from IM Laser Therapy for 2 days after taking the vaccine, just allowing the body’s immune system to take place and work

What’s in the Box: 1 x IM Laser Medical Device 2.0 c/w Rechargeable Lithium Battery/ 1 x Nasal Cavity Line/ 1 x Nasal Silicone Cover (20 pcs/box)/ 1 x Facial Therapy Silicone/ 1 x 2-pin Plug Charger/ 1 x USB Cable Charger/ 1 x Carrying Pouch/ 1 x User Manual/ 1 x Warranty Card

Warranty Aspects: One (1) Year Manufacturing Defects Only

Online Store: This product IM Laser Medical Device is also available on our official store at popular marketplace i.e LAZADA and or SHOPEE. Click to Shop Now!

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