Industrial Grade S200 pH Sensor Polycarbonate Probe



pH commonly used for water measurements, is a measure of acidity and alkalinity, or the caustic and base present in a given solution. It is generally expressed with a numeric scale ranging from 0-14. The value 7 represents neutrality. The numbers on the scale increase with increasing alkalinity, while the numbers on the scale decrease with increasing acidity.
Each unit of change represents a tenfold change in acidity or alkalinity. The pH value is also equal to the negative logarithm of the hydrogen-ion concentration or hydrogen-ion activity pH measurements are widely used to control processes, ensure product quality and safety.

Common Applications as below:
* pH neutralization of effluent in industrial manufacturing environments
* Cooling tower and boiler control
* Environmental monitoring
* Odor scrubbers
* Food and beverage quality control and safety
* Upstream protection of filtration membranes
* Water pre-treatment for manufacturing processes
* Swimming pool control
* Pulp and paper manufacturing
* Pharmaceutical research & development and manufacturing
* Blood-gas analysis in medical devices

Industrial Grade pH Sensor Measurement 0-14pH Polycarbonate Probe Material Electrode Probe.

Model: pH Sensor S200DJ(K)
Measurement Range: 0 – 14pH
Temperature Range: 0 -60 Degree
Body Material: Polycarbonate
Connection: 3m Cable w/BNC Connector
Electrode: Double Junction

What’s in the Box: 1 x pH Sensor S200DJ(K); 1 x User Manual

Warranty Aspects: Six (6) Months Manufacturing Defects Only

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