Pentair Outdoor 20″ Pre-Filter Big Blue Water Filter 20Micron POE (Point of Entry) Solutions



Pentair Outdoor 20″(inch) Pre-Filter Big Blue Water Filter 20Micron POE (Point of Entry) Solutions; HFPP Container and Pleated Technology Cartridge Filter Re-Washable





  • High quality pre-filtering water supply at Point of Entry (POE) of any premises; outdoor connection after water meter.
  • This model equipped with Pentek Pleated Cellulose Polyester Cartridge; manufactured from a special formulation of resin-impregnated cellulose and polyester fibres
  • This unique blend of materials provides a higher wet strength than regular cellulose cartridge and also provide high flow rates and dirts holding capacity while maintaining extremely low pressure drop
  • The Cartridge: Reduces particles as small as 20 micron such as dirt, sand, silt, rush and sediment/ high flow up to 76 litre per minute/ Washable and Reuseable (to flush washing every 3-6 months)
  • The cartridge lifespent approx. 1-2 years depends on the quality of incoming water supply
  • The Housing/Container: 1 inch NPT/ Heavy Duty HFPP Cap/ Polypropylene Housing/ EPDM O-ring/ Button Assembly stainless steel, EPDM and polypropylene

What’s in the Box:- 1 x Pentair Big Blue 20″ HFPP Container; 1 x PNR Pleated Cartridge Element; 1 x Wrench 20″ Opener; 1 x System Acessories, i.e 1 x Stainless Steel Bracket, 4 x Screws, 2 x UPVC 1.0″ (25mm) Valve Socket

Warranty Aspects:- Not Applicable

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