SS 1000ml Calibration Cylinder KS-1000ML/S Stainless Steel



Calibration columns, also called calibration cylinders, are tubes with a graduated volume scale that are widely used in any chemical dosing system. It is a straight cylindrical tube and to determine its size it is necessary to know the volume that customer needs to measure. What are they used for? The calibration columns are instruments that are used to corroborate the accuracy of the volume offered by a pump and let you know what its operating status is, if it is mechanically adjusted or if it needs maintenance of some kind. One of the most common uses is to determine the amount of chemicals that we are going to inject into the dosing process or any other liquid that we want to dose, in a simple and exact way. They ensure that the system pump doses a specific amount of liquid, verified by this type of graduated cylinders. It is not a dosing device but calibration equipment, that is to check that the correct amount of liquid is being dosed to the process.

Manufacturing Materials: Given the type of products with which they are used, the calibration columns are made of corrosion-resistant materials. The material will depend on the chemical compatibility of the liquid of the process that we are going to dose. The common materials used are plexiglass or stainless steel. How are they used? They are usually installed in the suction or discharge line of the dosing pump and the tank where the chemical product we want to dose is located although, in reality, it can go anywhere in the process depending on what it is going to be used for. For example, it can be installed just before the mixing tank. You close the valve of the line and open the valve of the cylinder observing the level variation that takes place in it during a certain time. When the desired volume is reached you close again the valve, confirming that the volume to be added is correct according to the adjustment of the dosing pump. The ideal is to calibrate the pump according to the actual conditions to ensure an addition as accurate as possible. Model selection – The type of calibration column is determined by the flow rate and calibration time of the pump. For example, if the pump’s flow is 60L/H, customers need to calibrate 0.5-1 min of flow. Then the calculation of flow per minute should be: 60L/60=1L. Therefore, a calibration column of 1L volume is needed.

This model KS-1000ML/S Calibration Column -developed for the accurate calibration of metering pumps.

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Measurement: 1000ml
  • Connection: Female 1.0″ Thread
  • Chemical and Break Resistant
  • Dimension: 400mm x 130mm
  • Weight: Approx. 6.0Kg

What’s in the Box: 1 x SS Calibration Column KS-1000ML/S

Warranty Aspects: Not Applicable

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